Essential Works, vol 1 by Michel Foucault, Paul Rabinow, Robert Hurley

By Michel Foucault, Paul Rabinow, Robert Hurley

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It establishes: • a link between sensation and pleasure; • the independence of this link with regard to the vital usefulness sensation can entail; • a direct ratio between the intensity of pleasure and the quantity of knowledge delivered by the sensation; • the incompatibility between the truth of pleasure and the error of sensation. Visual perception, as a remote sensing of multiple objects which are given simultaneously and are not immediately related to the usefulness of the body, manifests the link between knowledge, pleasure, and truth in the satisfaction it carries.

New York: Random House, 1941), p. ] 3 F. Nietzsche, Die frOliche Wissenschaft (Chemnitz, 1882); the subtitle La Caya scienza does not appear until the edition of 1887 (Le Cai Savoir, trans. P. Klossowski, in Oeuvres philosophiques completes [Paris: Gallimard, 1967], vol. 5) [The Cay Science, trans. Walter Kaufmann (New York: Vintage, 1974)].

9· 46 I would like to thank Robert Hurley for suggesting "customize" as a helpful gloss. 47 Foucault, "The Concern for Truth" in Foucault Live (New York: Semiotext(e), 1996), p. 461. 48 Idem. 49 History- ifSexuality, vol. 2, p. 8. 50 I would like to thank Arpad Szakoloczai for bringing this word to my attention. , A Vital Rationalist: Selected Writingsjrom Georges Canguilhem (New York: Zone Books, 1994), pp. 20-'21. NOTE ON TERMS AND TRANSLATIONS This volume comprises texts written and published over a range of nearly two decades.

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