Decision Support Systems and Intelligent Systems 7th Edition by Efraim Turban

By Efraim Turban

Published in black and white pages.

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3 THE CITY T he relationship between the City and main boards is often one based on confusion, animosity and undue deference of the latter to the former. The deference is reasonably easy to understand; it is based largely on ignorance of the workings of the Square Mile. It is one of the peculiarities of UK corporate life to allow the brightest directors with very few exceptions to avoid all contact with the City prior to joining the main board. Once in their elevated and crucial position, they might be asked to brief those who present to the analysts or, worse still, talk directly to them.

The chairman will want to make the relationship work in a very special way – almost, but not THE CHAIRMAN AND THE CEO 19 quite, regardless – and thereby vindicate his original appointment. It can lead to undue, unhelpful cosiness or to a bond, cemented by chemistry. If the chairman is appointed after the CEO, it is rather different. The CEO will feel more reassured – he would have played a crucial part in the selection – but that should not mean greater comfort, merely a better chance of the relationship working.

A warning sign for the City and shareholders is 44 THE BOARD GAME when a company says it is preparing to make a trading statement! That usually means that the figures are poorer than the original hype. The share price falls as a consequence. What often makes the City disgruntled is when a firm regards a downside as merely cyclical when it is potentially a major problem and should be regarded as such by the board. Or when the board does not share a profit warning with their bankers. There is a need for transparent trust.

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