Changes of Mind: A Holonomic Theory of the Evolution of by Jenny Wade

By Jenny Wade

An unique conception of the improvement of attention that brings jointly examine from neurology, new-paradigm stories, psychology, and mysticism.

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2: Models and Methods in the Study of Adolescent and Adult Thought (New York, Praeger, 1990), pp. 91-94. , Westport, CT. Copyright © 1990. Page 1 Chapter 1 A Holonomic Approach to Developmental Theory Evolution is an ascent towards consciousness. P. Teilhard de Chardin My purpose in writing this book is to formulate a noetic theory of human development, that is, a theory focusing on the unfolding of individual consciousness. but consciousness per se has not been directly addressed in life span theories.

Page 25 Originally, researchers such as Donald Hebb and Wilder Pen-field supported localized models: particular memories are stored in, and transmitted by, particular neuronal circuits (Galluscio 1990; Bloom, Lazerson, and Hofstadter 1985; Gregory 1987), thus rendering consciousness a function of the central nervous system. This mechanistic view is consistent with the Western medical tradition of specialized physiological parts with distinct functions, and it remains current. Non-localized models take two different forms in mainstream theory.

To follow this reasoning, we must bear in mind that the Absolute order is present in its entirety, interpenetrating every point of space and time, so that all of eternity and the cosmos is wholly present right here and right now. ) embodiment as we usually think of it (since embodiment can be construed as spatiotemporal representation in the explicate order) in the infinite space/time reality of the Cosmic Matrix. Just as the enfolded adjacent ink drops give the illusion of a single drop moving along a path, the potential or partially realized self may appear to evolve.

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