Brainteaser Physics: Challenging Physics Puzzlers by Göran Grimvall

By Göran Grimvall

Does a tumbler of ice water crammed to the brim overflow while the ice melts? Does the power inside of a sauna raise for those who warmth it up? what is the top method to cool your espresso -- including the creamer first or final?

These and different difficult puzzlers supply a clean -- and enjoyable -- method of studying genuine physics. offering either vintage and new difficulties, Brainteaser Physics demanding situations readers to exploit mind's eye and easy physics rules to discover the solutions. Göran Grimvall presents certain and obtainable motives of the strategies, occasionally correcting the traditional motives, occasionally placing a brand new twist on them. He offers diagrams and equations the place applicable and ends every one challenge through discussing a selected thought or supplying an additional challenge.

With Brainteaser Physics, scholars and veteran physicists alike can sharpen their serious and inventive considering -- and feature enjoyable whilst.

(June 12, 2007)

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Ten hits 23 Fig. 14. When the valve connecting the full and the empty tank is opened and equilibrium is reached, the total potential energy of the water is halved. Where does the other half of the energy go? The understanding of a physical phenomenon is often deepened if one can think of a similar phenomenon that is well known or is easier to analyze. 14. One tank is filled to the height h and the other is empty. The total mass of water is m. The potential energy EA of the water in tank A (relative to the base of the tank) is EA = mgh 2 When the valve is opened, water flows into tank B until the level is the same in A and B.

In this example the speed of light is constant. Minimizing the time, therefore, is the same as minimizing the distance traveled. We can take the analogy between the railway and light propagation further. Suppose that the city A has an industry that requires many transports, so that the railway to A should have higher capacity and turns out to be 40 % more expensive than the railway to city B. 40 Fig. 12. Analogy between the railway problem and the refraction of light at an interface 44 brainteaser physics Here we recognize Snell’s refraction law for light.

Therefore also the flow rate from O now becomes constant. It depends on how far down the tube T reaches, as given by the distance h. This situation prevails until the liquid surface inside the bottle has reached the lower end of the tube. When that happens, the air inside the bottle is in direct contact with the ambient atmosphere, and thus has the constant pressure p0. The flow rate decreases gradually until the flow stops when the level inside the bottle has reached the opening O. 3 Bright Lamps?

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